Searching the internet

Searching the internet is really easy for anyone, but not everyone can maximize the time spent online.

One trick of online queries I already knew about was the series of Boolean Operators. Basically, put these into your search bar to group your search. AND (+), OR, NOT, FOLLOWED BY, NEAR, and quotation marks are all operators designed to optimize a search. They can be inclusive ( i.e.: bubbles AND soap), exclusive (i.e. candy NOT chocolate), or create a phrase that needs to be found in webpages.

Boolean operators are useful when you’re looking for very specific words and don’t have time to sift through pages of unwanted material.

I also learned that keeping a log of the different inspiring or instructive websites you visit can be a useful tool when designing websites.

People read for content. Even when your website sucks, as it might, if there is good content (i.e. pictures, text, quotes, links, media, etc.) then people are going to be more interested in your website.

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